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Clinical Trial Candidate Identification

Find the ideal candidate in real time

Bio-Marker Discovery & Clinical Trial Lab Services

We are a fully certified laboratory offering biomarker analysis and translational research support 


We have a Robust Repository with complete Clinical, Genomic & Targeted Therapy Information on 


Clinical Trial Candidate Identification

Star Biosciences offers unique precision medicine services that are designed to maximize the chances of success for clinical trials and address many patient accrual challenges facing biopharma partners in the world of precision medicine.

  • Rapid Patient Identification: find the ideal candidate in real time through large scale tumor profiling and molecular matching
    • Star Biosciences is a Trusted partner for Oncologists and Cancer Centers
    • Star Biosciences has a Robust Database of Patients with "Complementary Clinical and Genomic Signatures" who have advanced disease and are considering clinical trials

  • Targeted Site Selection: we can pin-point patients with "Complementary Clinical and Genomic Signatures" at more than 100 Oncology Sites/Hospitals within our Global network. 

If you are interested in collaborating or would like to learn more about our partnering capabilities in Clinical Trials:

1. In indentifying patients with a specific "Clinical & Genomic" Signatures 

2. Enrolling patients from more than 100 Oncology Sites/Hospital in our India, Africa & SE-Asia Network.  

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Bio-Marker Discovery & Clinical Trial Lab Services

We are a fully certified laboratory offering biomarker analysis and translational research support

Our research group works with clients to develop biomarker strategies and assays collaboratively by functioning seamlessly as an extension of their team and executing on their requirements. Taking a technology agnostic approach, we offer services in histopathology, IHC, FISH, mutational analysis and high-throughput gene expression studies. medical diagnostic service bio-marker discovery clinical trials

Mutational Analysis Services

We develop molecular strategies by designing and executing assays for mutational analysis

Technologies include real-time PCR (Taqman, SYBR, and other chemistries) and Sanger sequencing of amplified nucleic acids

Our expertise in pathologist-directed recovery of nucleic acid from frozen and FFPE samples by macro dissection of tumors from slides enables us to use multiple platforms to identify and characterize mutations

Histopathology Services by Board-Certified Pathologists

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IHC Services

We provide IHC services for analysis of research and clinical trial samples in our CLIA laboratory with protocols transferred from a client or developed in-house

Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Services

Novel and routine FISH assay development, optimization and validation

High-Throughput Gene Expression Solutions

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Gain Access to our "Robust Bio-Repository" on all Cancers - Solid Tumors, Leukemia's & Lymphoma's

Star BioSciences provides top quality bio material and related services to academic and pharmaceutical research teams across the globe. Our collection and delivery process that ensures the highest quality samples with complete Clinical Information and  targeted therapy information.

  • Molecular Information of Cancers
  • Fresh Frozen Tissue
  • Plasma
  • Buffy Coat
  • FFPE
  • Samples from Pre and Post Treatment with Targeted Drugs. e.g Keytruda, Opdivo.

We can Prospectively Deliver Biosamples on Any Cancer Type:

  • A wide array of highest quality bio specimens and formats to meet a wide variety of research needs in Cancer
  • Support for Prospective research projects for all cancers
  • Guaranteed quality through Quality Control System
  • Shipment Worldwide

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