Why Precision Cancer Treatment Matters

Cancer DNA assays that enable the characterization of the somatic and germline defects (mutations) in individual tumor are increasingly being used in clinical diagnostics as a means of identifying "Biomarkers" that match therapeutic options

The DNA Mutations identified by these assays increasingly provide information that is pertinent to identifying "Precision Drugs" for an individual's cancer. In addition, these tests also provide critical information on the Drugs that will "not" be effective in treatment

People with cancer need more options, and we believe Precision medicine is a critical component in controlling cancer. With all testing methodologies in one laboratory system, Star Biosciences has the ability to interrogate a blood-based cancer or solid tumor by as many means necessary to reveal biomarkers that expose that cancer’s susceptibilities to "Precision Drugs" that are FDA approved or novel therapies which are in clinical trials. 

Star Biosciences is highly responsive to guideline changes and new therapy options. Design of our new genetic tests always involves a balance of convention and innovation so costs are reduced and results become available promptly.

It all comes back to the patients. Time and results mean everything to our patients, and we keep that first in our minds.

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Spearheading Personalized Cancer Treatment

Star Biosciences is at the forefront of Personalized Cancer Detection. 

Star Biosciences is comprised of a world-class team of experts in developing and delivering laboratory diagnostic and clinical trial services with a focus in cancer. 

Star Biosciences performs Comprehensive Oncology Testing - from Histopathology to Next Generation Cancer DNA Sequencing.


Star Biosciences supports Precision "Detection, Treatment & Monitoring" of Every Patient. 

We are the Leading Provider of Immuno-Oncology (IO) & Liquid Biopsy Testing (LB) in Asia.

We help Personalize Treatment for Every Cancer Patient





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